Avocats à la Cour

* Under the rules of the Luxembourg Bar, we are not allowed to reveal the names of our clients.

Financial institutions*

Our client list includes a number of financial institutions from Luxembourg and abroad. We particularly specialise in disputes that can arise out of the financial dealings for which Luxembourg is one of the European centres.

We are held to a strict duty to observe professional secrecy and are therefore not allowed to publish the names of our clients. We can however describe the type of clients that we regularly advise and represent.


We are advising several internationally known retailers who are active in Luxembourg or in the process of opening physical retail locations or e-commerce store. We also have several big-name electronic retailers among our clients. Advice is given in all areas of the law, including real estate, contract law, corporate matters, labour law, consumer protection, etc.

Multinational companies*

THEWES & REUTER is advising several multinationals from sectors such as Internet commerce, retail commerce and real estate.

We offer these clients the full range of legal services they need for their activities in Luxembourg.

Public sector*

We work for local communities, municipal consortiums, public corporations and other players in the Luxembourg public sector as well as international organisations and foreign states and are regularly called upon to act judicially on behalf of local authorities and other public entities.

The firm is also advising European and International organisations on matters of Luxembourg law.

Real estate*

The firm regularly advises landowners on how to develop their land under Luxembourg's sometimes intricate planning legislation.

Landlords also regularly consult the firm on the proper drafting of leases and tenants are advised on their rights and obligations. 

The firm has a number of clients who are architects or building companies. Areas covered for those clients are varied but include general contract law, building law, building permissions, liability for building defects, public procurement proceedings, employment law, etc.

Individuals and consumers*

The firm has historically accepted cases from private individuals and continues doing so in its areas of expertise. Over the years the firm has also acted on behalf of Luxembourg's Consumer Association in several high profile consumer protection cases.